Engineering, Construction & Maintenance Projects

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Central Alarm Station Relocation Project
ECM Services Providing Safe and Secure Relocation of Security System
Reactor Recirc Motor Replacement
3 Phase Implementation Saves Time and Money
Major Boiler Overhaul Projects
First Contractor in 12 Years to Complete an Outage on Time at This Facility
Emergency Outage and Restart
Emergency Outage and Restart Completed in 30 Days
Appendix R Security Upgrades
Complete Installation of NRC-mandated Security Upgrades
Process and Industrial
CHDM/H2 Facility Modification
Increasing production capability to meet market demands
Cytec Engineered Materials
Comprehensive engineering, construction and maintenance solution
Neat Resin Conversion Program
Converting production facilities from carpet to nylon 66 pellets
Retrofit SCO to 100% PTA Facility
Fast track project to improve PET product for new markets
New PET Facility
Infrastructure and site improvement support

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